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Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor Review

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When you go shopping for heart rate monitors in your local sporting goods store, you will usually find a few that meet the needs of most people. However, if you are an elite athletes or you take heart rate training very seriously, then you will want something that has a few more features and will also allow you to download the information to your computer. The Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor is one of the few high end heart rate monitors that will let you do that and are also sturdy enough for everyday use.

What Is the Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor?

Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor reviewsThis is a heart rate monitor that is designed for men and women who are in training and can give you the boost that you need in your quest to get in shape or achieve a particular time. This is primarily a heart rate monitor, but it will also give you a lot of guidance as to how to adjust your activities so that you stay in your target heart rate.

How Does It Work?

The Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor has a ten workout memory, a fifty lap chronograph that calculates your average heart rate (per lap), and it also has five interval timers, each of which offer their own individual heart rate target zones. So, if you are looking for one target rate for cycling and another for running, then this is ideal for you.

Another feature of the Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor is that you can easily download your information to your PC by using the wireless Data Xchanger USB. This is also the way to customize your settings and you can even use it to upload particular workouts which you can then follow on your watch.

What Are People Saying About the Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor?

When you read the reviews for the Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor, you will see that this is the preferred model for many high end athletes, triathletes, cyclists, runners, and more. With all of the features it has, it is suited for people who fully understand and appreciate the rigors of heart rate training.

“This is simple but useful. It is easy to use and has a lot more features than the older Timex Ironman models.”
–       Spitzer, Amazon.com

“This is an excellent tool and the quality of the product is excellent. I have been able to use it without a glitch.”
–       Jenny, Amazon.com

Where Should You Buy It?

The Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor is definitely one of the higher end heart rate monitors that Timex makes currently, and as such, it can be difficult to find in a store. If you are able to find it in your local sporting goods store, you will pay around $150. However, when you shop for this model online, you can get it for 47% off the original price, which means that you will pay less than $80 for it, making this an incredible buy right now.

Is This the Right Product For You?

There are certainly some heart rate monitors that are built for just about anyone in the gym, and although the Timex Ironman Trainer Heart Monitor can certainly be that watch, this has so many more features that it is really ideal for more experienced athletes and people who have been working with heart rate training for some time. The fact that you can easily upload and download information from the watch makes it a pretty fun toy to play with and one that will only help to make you a fitter person in the long run.

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