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Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

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The Suunto M5 is a versatile heart rate monitor watch which allows you to input your personal data and fitness goals. The device then works out weekly personalized exercise programs for you. The watch displays information such as speed, distance and calories burnt for a wide range of sports. The Suunto M5 is a good choice of a heart rate monitor for people who are active in different types of sports.

Suunto M5 Heart Rate Monitor Watch


  • Heart rate transmitter with chest strap
  • 9 language settings
  • Metric/Imperial units
  • Backlight illumination
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 30m water resistance
  • 40 grams


The Suunto M5 comes with 3 POD sensors – foot, bike and GPS. These sensors send data in real-time to the watch, which enables you to see the distance covered and the speed you’re travelling at. The PODs are attachable to your bike, arm and running shoes so they are hassle-free and easy to use.

The device lets you choose from 3 personal targets – weight management, improving fitness, and free training. Based on your personal data that you enter, the Suunto M5 then devises a workout schedule for you that will help you to achieve your target. The workout schedule includes daily workout instructions with the recommended duration and intensity of each exercise. It also recommends a recovery time after each training session.

While working out with the Suunto M5, the display shows a combination of the time, current heart rate, max heart rate, speed and distance. It does not show all of these stats at once but there is a button that you can press to toggle between the combinations of different stats displayed on the face.



The average rating of customers who purchased and used the Suunto M5 heart rate monitor watch was 4 out of 5. Most of them had positive experiences with the device as they found the readings to be pretty accurate, and the device’s workout schedule to be useful.

Many customers were pleased with the heart rate transmitter strap which they said was very comfortable. Many of them also found the POD sensors to be very useful.

Some negative comments were that the watch’s face was difficult to read in low light. However, this only applied to the black version of the watch as customers who exchanged the black watch for the white one found that the problem was resolved. One downside of the product, however, is that it does not show the percentage of the workout which you have completed. This is probably the reason why the ratings fell short of about 1 point.

The Suunto M5 is a pretty useful heart rate monitor for you if you jog, cycle, and do other types of sports because of its versatility. With the weekly workout schedule feature, it’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist. Besides letting you know how much to work out each week, it also keeps you motivated to keep up with your training program. One last note: if you plan on buying the Suunto M5, be sure to get the white one over the black because of readability issues.

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