Juiceproducer KT100 Juicer Review


Juiceproducer KT100 Juicer Review

Juiceproducer is an enterprise based in London who introduces this model with unique features. This model gives ease of cleaning, ease of use, good yield of juice, nominal power and lavish warranty. It suits for the domestic use and to certain extend for the small commercial use too. The following is the review of Juiceproducer KT100 Juicer and it brings out more details.


The highlight of this model is the juicing function with the unique action. It works in the masticating style and with the vertical format single auger type. It works in the low speed and helps to extract the maximum juice of the content. The housing of Juiceproducer KT100 250 Watts Juicer is white with green colour which blends naturally with the environment. The dimension is 175 x 250 x 410mm and it weighs 5.5kg net. The chute is pretty large and it measures 38 x 70mm which is in kidney shape.


This KT100 Centrifugal juicer which is been designed in the vertical style has a large feed tube. This functions with the slow turning which produces good yield of juice. It does come with the counter rotating silicon blade which help in juicing functions. The feeding is rather easy here as the gravity does the partial job. This juicer is also quite flexible as it juices anything from pear to the root vegetable and it also does a great job for leafy vegetable.


  • Dual stage of extraction is possible as it first crushes and even before the pulp is been ejected it squeezes out giving out the dry pulp.
  • The functioning and the technology prove that this model is capable of yielding more than 50% of juice in less time when compared to the centrifugal juicers.
  • This is quite economical and it gives the best out of the fruits. The time taken and the squeezing ability make it economical.
  • Cleaning is another consideration for such appliance and the good news here is that by simply pouring water the juicer automatically cleans itself and hence it saves on time.
  • This juicer is compact and it occupies less space compared to the most centrifugal juicers. It also gives silent operation as the noise is minimises by squeezing slowly as it does not grinds in high speed like the function of the centrifugal juicers.

Technical Details:

The juice yield for about one kilogram of carrots is 645ml and for one kilogram of apples it is 910ml. This model is also suitable for making of nut milk, soups and smoothies. The power consumption is 250 Watts which is quite nominal. With the low noise emission it proves a step ahead compared to the most models. Overall this model is been rated 10 out of 10 for the easy of operation and again the same high score for the ease of cleaning. It serves a great domestic use and to certain extends for the commercial use too.


The manufacturer of Juiceproducer KT100 Compact Juicer offers the warranty for the period of 10 years for the motor and 5 years for the parts when it is operated for the domestic use. In case of putting it to the commercial use the warranty period is for 1 year.

Juiceproducer KT100 Juicer – Specification Table

Manufacturer Juiceproducer
Model Name KT100 Juicer
Model Number KT 100 Mk2 ULTEM (HU-200)
Juicing method Masticating, vertical format single auger ultra low rpm
Colour/Finish White and green
Chute Yes
Dimension 175 x 250 x 410 mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Non-slip feet Yes
Extra large feeding tube Yes
Juice yield 1kg of carrots – 645ml
1kg of apples – 910ml
Pusher Yes
Safety locking system Yes
Feeding tube size 38 x 70mm kidney shape
Variable speed control Yes
Control On/off
Blades High quality stainless steel
Disassembly level Easy
Power 250 watts
Storage Compact
Motor speciality Noiseless
Application Fruits, vegetable, wheat grass, nut milk, soups and smoothies
Dishwasher proof No
In the box Juicer, two 1-litre collection jugs, cleaning brush,
pusher, user manual, fine screen, one coarse screen,
one HD screen and warranty form
Warranty Domestic use – 10 years for motor and 2 years for parts
Commercial use – 1 year
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