4 Best Pole Saw Attachment

Tanaka TPS-210 Commercial Weedeater Attachment

4 Best Pole Saw Attachment

In most neighborhoods today, yard appearance is important. Grass should be cut, flowers should be blooming, and dead tree branches should be trimmed.

While you can purchase a pole saw to get rid of the offending limbs, it is not always a necessity.

If you own a grass trimmer, you have the option of purchasing a pole saw attachment. This simple attachment snaps on to your grass trimmer converting it into a pole saw that perfectly fits your needs.

​Many people have opted to purchase a pole saw attachment and find that they really like the product. They are less expensive (in most cases) than buying a pole saw, take up less space in the carport, are convenient, are easy to attach and use, and offer all the advantages of a pole saw. If you are considering a pole saw attachment, you will be shocked at how many there are to choose from.

How do you know which one is best for you? After studying numerous pole saw attachments, I have narrowed the selection down to four. Below are complete limb cutter attachment reviews that will save you the time and trouble of doing extensive research to decide which one best needs your needs. Let’s examine them, as well as look at which one appears to be the best pole saw attachment of them all.

Poulan PP5500P Pro Pruner String Trimmer Attachment

Excellent Pole Saw Attachment

​For a little more than $100, you can purchase this 8 foot attachment with an 8” bar and chain. The Poulan PP5000P Pro Pruner simply snaps into place on the trimmer in a matter of seconds and without the use of any tools.

It fits Poulan Pro products, as well as Husqvarna trimmers with a split shaft.The purchase price includes a strap, mounting point for the strap, and a small jug of bar oil to get you started. It is ideal for use around the house and can easily get rid of unwanted limbs, both thick and thin, and branches without having to pay an entire pole saw.

Reviewers leave this product rave reviews, particularly regarding the low price and high level of performance. Users wrote “Awesome product. Huge value for the money. Even though it says it will only cut a 6″ branch, I was able to cut up an 8” thick cedar tree that went down during an ice storm without any problems.”

Hitachi CGPS Pole Saw Commercial Grade Attachment for CG22EADSLP

Hitachi CGPS Pole Saw Attachment

Priced at slightly less than $225, the Hitachi CPGS easily converts your Hitachi CG22EADSLP split-boom grass trimmer into a pole saw. It is important to note that this is the only grass trimmer that it can be attached to. Featuring a 10” Oregon bar and chain, it is known for its powerful performance and durability. It adds an additional length of 98 inches (slightly more than 8 feet) to your grass trimmer and is able to easily put up to 8” branches per the Hitachi website. This attachment has just a few reviews, though they are all 5 stars. Users write “It’s a good attachment that is worth the money. I would recommend it to a friend.”

Trimmer Plus PS720 Pole Saw with 8” Bar and Chain

Trimmer Plus PS720 Pole Saw Attachment

Priced at less than $100, the Trimmer Plus PS720 has an 8” bar and chain. It includes an 11” reach bar that can be used with most trimmers that have split boom capabilities including Remington, Craftsman, and Troy-Bilt. The adaptor easily attaches and can reach lengths of up to 12 feet depending on the height of the user. Considered to be durable and made of high-quality materials, some sites claim that it can cut branches up to 16” in diameter, though reviewers have only used it on 8” branches maximum. Reviewers appreciate the price and convenience of this product, leaving comments that frequently include “solidly built, cuts well, easy to attach, and a great deal.”

Which Pole Saw Attachment Gets the Best Reviews?​

After looking through countless Amazon pole saw attachment reviews, as well as evaluating specifications and price, it appears the top pole saw attachment is the Poulan PP500P. There are several reasons. First and foremost, it is extremely versatile and attaches to numerous manufacturers’products. Second, it is reasonably priced. At less than $100, it really is a steal. Finally, it adds an additional 8 feet to your grass trimmer. This length is long enough to reach most trees that would be trimmed by a non-professional without being so long that it causes the arm to become sore and fatigue quickly. Overall, it is a great addition to your other landscaping tools.

Tanaka TPS-210 Commercial Grade Pole Saw Attachment

Tanaka TPS-210 Commercial Weedeater Attachment

Retailing for less than $250 and designed to fit any Tanaka straight shaft grass trimmer between 21cc and 32 cc, this attachment converts your trimmer to a pole saw.

(Sadly this attachment has been discontinued from the Amazon store.

The other attachments above make fine alternatives though!)

After putting it together for the first time, it takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to have everything attached properly and ready to go.

Measuring 10 feet and featuring a 10” Oregon bar and chain, the Tanaka TPS-210 provides you with a safe option for getting rid of thick overhead branches. Users have great things to say about this product including “I am impressed. The saw tore right through 1” to 2” branches. Even 5” green wood was a snap. It cut through it like a steak knife slicing butter. Overall, great buy.”

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