White 1866 Sewing Machine Review


White 1866 Sewing Machine Review

The¬†White 1866¬†sewing machine is ideal if you’re looking for a simple machine.

You’ll never get confused as to which knob to turn to get the result you want.

This mechanical sewing machine may lack the common features you see in electronic and computerized sewing equipment, but it trains you the basic principles and strategies in sewing.

The lack of stitches and other functions makes the White model 1866 perfect for sewing beginners.

white-1866-sewing-machineWhat is White 1866 Sewing Machine

The White 1866 Sewing Machine is a mechanical sewing machine and comes with a rotary hook. There are also 13 built-in stitches, such as overlock, zigzag, mending, blind, overlock, and smocking stitch.

It is also equipped with a light and a thread cutter. You can also adjust the length of the stitch.

Advantages Of White 1866

1. It’s a no-frills sewing machine.

If you are looking for something to use for darning and mending, you don’t need to spend too much. The White model 1866 can do the job for you.

It has its own thread cutter, which can remove any frays and excess threads that can cause jamming. You can also have better control on the kind of stitch that you’re going to produce, especially on its dimensions like the length.

2. You can easily change the presser feet.

The kind of presser feet that you’re going use will depend on the kind of stitch you need to create as well as the fabric you’re using. Thus, it’s definitely possible that you’re going to change the presser feet

Some machines make it harder for you. You have to completely remove it from the sewing machine. With White 1866, it is completely the opposite. It only take seconds for you to remove and change the presser feet.

3. You are guaranteed of excellent warranty.

When you’re going to buy a White 1866 sewing machine, you can enjoy very long warranty period, for as long as one decade. If you’re just going to base the worth of your investment on the guarantee alone, then you know that you are making a very wise choice.

4. You can easily add the thread.

It doesn’t really have an auto-threading mechanism, but still it can make threading a lot easier for you. This is actually good, since a lot of people are finding it real hard to place the thread into the eye of the needle.

5. It’s a portable sewing machine

It’s lighter than other mechanical sewing machines around, which then makes it convenient for you to bring this anywhere with you, such as when you attend sewing workshops and classes. You can also easily change your working environment.

Disadvantages Of White 1866

1. This may not be the machine for creative persons.

There’s hardly a lot you can do with 13 built-in stitches. If you’re that artistic, you’ll definitely look for more. Furthermore, as a mechanical sewing machine you cannot do some changes on the stitches.

There are no included patterns, which you can rotate, resize, or redesign to make it on your own. There are no embroidery stitches and functions.

2. There’s a potential of jamming.

If you aren’t really too careful, the machine will end up getting jammed. Worse, adjusting the tension will not help either. It would be wise if you can utilize the sewing machine for easy sewing work like mending and is to be used sparingly.

Consumer Reviews

For me this is just an average machine. I still want to work on a Brother or Juki. I am having problems with its tension, though I love the fact that it’s simple and I can bring it with me during my weekend sewing classes.-Claudia
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