How to Use an Electric Skillet


How to Use an Electric Skillet

Electric skillet is a special pan utilizing electrical power to heat and ripen the foods by plugging it into an outlet instead of being on the stove. This invention supports homemakers save much time because of its extra size and less manipulation in cooking. If you own the best electric skillet, it can totally bring delicious meals for your family. However, to ensure that you get all amazing functions of the item, these tips below can help you protect your newly acquired investment and last time of use as long as possible.

How to Use

Before using for the first time, clean electric skillet in warm water with a little of dish soap and a non-metal washing pad. Then, to brush a layer of coffee on nonstick surface, heat slightly, wash and dry. You can apply this way of cleaning approximately 10 to 20 times every cooking afterward in order to protect nonstick surface of the pan, remove odor of paint and wash more easily.

Next, you should notice six steps to use the skillet more effectively:

  1. Put skillet on a dry and smooth surface.
  2. Plug the temperature control into the skillet, and then connect skillet cord to electrical wall outlet.
  3. Turn temperature control to decide an appreciate degree of heat for each dish (according to temperature – timetable attached when you buying the skillet). It will take about 5 to 10 minutes to obtain selected temperature.

Note: There is a very loud humming noise when warming up which can be pretty annoying if you’ve standing near it; this is normal because it stops when it reaches temperature.

  1. Prepare food for cooking. As this appliance has a nonstick surface, you can cook with little or no oil.
  2. Place food in the skillet and cook with the selected temperature or you can choose temperature according to your desire. Then, adjust the control panel go on and off for maintaining the most suitable heat degree.
  3. Switch the temperature control to off when cooking is finished. Unplug the temperature control from wall outlet then from the skillet. Always remember to clean when it has cooled down.

How to Clean and Maintain


  • Use plastic, wooden or rubber utensils to mix the food.
  • Adjust the most appreciate heat degree when cooking.
  • Unplug the skillet cord from the outlet and let it cool down before cleaning the appliance.
  • Wash the skillet with non-metal cleaning pad or soft cloths.
  • Eliminate hard discoloration on the nonstick surface that may be created by the heating element with a commercial cleaner designed for cleaning surfaces to avoid damaging this surface of the electric skillet.
  • Dry with a dishtowel and place the skillet non-wet position after washing.
  • Prevent the heat control away water.

Do not:

  • Heat the skillet when no food or cooking oil in it.
  • Use metal utensils as they may scratch the nonstick surface.
  • Cut foods on the cooking surface.
  • Abuse high temperature to ripen the foods promptly.
  • Use steel wool or abrasive kitchen cleaners.
  • Soak for more than two hours because it affects to the nonstick surface.
  • Touch hot surfaces and move the pan when it contains hot oil and other hot liquid. Use handles or knobs.


  • Always read all instructions attached in every product.
  • Do not operate the skillet with a damaged cord and the cracked legs. You should send to manufacturer for examination and repair.
  • Do not use this product for others than intended use.


Electric Skillet Recipes

According to electric skillet’s strengths compared with others, you can cook many different dishes for your family and friends. It is very awesome for fried things consisting of chicken, fish, doughnuts, rice… and toasted things including bacon, French toast, sausages, pancakes, potato latkes, potstickers, grilled cheese, and pot roast… as the electric skillet has the temperature control and it can hold heat better than the normal items.

In addition, it is also good for a yummy with some foods such as curries, scrambled eggs, chili-powder potatoes, soup, calamari, squash blossoms, egg rolls and even spaghetti it work perfectly.

With electric skillet, you can be creative to make a tasty menu in your family meal more enjoyably.


In summary, you can purchase this helpful product to experience its benefit, but you should notice about how to use and how to clean and maintain in order to own it in a longer time. Besides, you can consider and search information about the appliances of many manufacturers carefully before you make a decision to buy the best electric skillet. One more important thing is you have to read all instructions attached in the item box to understand and use it more effectively.

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