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Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Review

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Maintaining a healthy body through exercising is not a difficult task. However, it does require one to have patience, effort and even this amazing Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor (Timex T5G971). This will be your partner in tracking the progress of your exercise. With its easy to use functions and comfortable strap, working out with the Timex Personal HRM will be a satisfying activity. True enough, you will still be able to train and exercise without the product. But with the Timex Heart Rate Monitor, not only it is possible to track your average heart rate, but it also has the ability to record the time in your zone, and your peak heart rate. With this in hand, you will know if your exercise is enough or not, thus, giving you the opportunity to know what to change in your routine and when to change it as well.

1 Timex Personal Trainer ReviewTimex Personal Trainer Features:

The Timex Personal Trainer is a recommended gadget not only to young people but also to the old ones. It is specially designed to track down your heart rate and calories when working out, making it best for those who are extremely conscious of their body and health in general. It is also capable of measuring the BPM that your HR drops in a minute.

The Personal Trainer does not only track your heart rate but it also records information which will enable you to review the time, the average and peak heart rates and the calories. This functional gadget also has an analogue heart rate sensor which works best with people who use treadmills and gym equipment. Moreover, it also has watch features that display 12/24 hour time with month and date. Last but not the least feature of this amazing Heart rate watch from Timex is that it is water resistant up to 30 m deep.


  • INDIGLO lights for underwater and night time
  • Accurate in reading heart rate even with constant changes in rate
  • Works perfectly without electrode gel
  • Comfortable


  • Not as durable as expected
  • Heart rate feature not functional under water

Know your Progress with the Timex Personal Trainer (T5G971)

With this incredible Timex T5G971, losing weight will not be a headache anymore. This is because you will be able to know how much calories you lose as you do your exercises. Being aware will give you more hope and interest in pursuing your goal because you know if you are in the right track and if you are losing the desired weight. Moreover, exercising will surely be a fun activity while attaining a healthy body will certainly be possible and easy with the Timex Personal Trainer.

The product is available at Amazon for under $45.00. This is around $27.00 lesser than the original price which is $69.95. You can purchase this gadget with a free shipping fee with super saver shipping with in the United States. For more information about the Timex Personal HRM, and other user’s comments, you may want to check out the product’s page on Amazon.

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