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Polar RS100 HRM and Stopwatch Review

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The fitness bandwagon is now embraced by millions all over the world, both young and old that’s why fitness equipments such as the Polar RS100 HRM and Stopwatch have become popular among health buffs. Fitness enthusiasts enlist themselves with exercise regimens to keep them fit and healthy. Most of these workouts test one’s endurance, depending on the speed and distance travelled by the exercise. Running and cycling have become one of the top cardio sports that’s been embraced by people who wish to lose weight fast. In order to determine the speed and distance during exercise is by using heart rate monitors to measure your heart rate.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors gained such a cult following among the runners and fitness enthusiasts everywhere because of its design simplicity and more amazing features. Among the many models of the Polar Heart Rate Monitor F-Series, the Polar RS100 tops the usability criteria among the runner users.

polar-rs100-hrmA Runner’s Choice: Polar RS100

Exercising at the right intensity requires great training and should include all the core muscles of the body, as well as the heart. Intense cardio exercises work out all important muscles of your body so it’s better to measure your calories and heart rate using a heart rate monitor. From what used to be a performance training apparatus, the use of heart rate monitors is now utilized to measure your goals for fitness.

The Polar RS100 is one of the latest innovations of Polar, a leading brand for heart rate monitors used by athletes, coaches, trainers and all-around fitness buffs all over the world. Not only they are known for producing the cream of the crop among heart rate monitors, but also for advocating heart-rate based workouts.

Products Features and Specifications:

•    Polar T31 Coded Transmitter – Perfect for athletes on the go as it prevents other wireless devices from interfering on your HRM even if you are doing exercises with a large group.

•    Polar OwnCal – Useful for people who are minding the amount of calories burned including the energy during their current work-out session. It also features a kilocalorie counter perfect for a good number of exercise sessions. This can also enable the user to set daily and weekly to help achieve both short term and long term goals.

•    Polar OwnZone – Pumps up the heart rate zone needed during your warm-up routines.

•    Target Zone – Helps calculate the amount of time spent per routine and can be set automatically or manually, depending on age and weight.

Perfect for even the most technically-challenged, here are more insights on why a Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor is good for you:

The Good:

  • Multi-functional gadget – With its watch-style design, it can function not only as a heart rate monitor but also a calorie counter, alarm clock, exercise stop watch. It can also measure the intensity of your workouts including the exerted energy per exercise.
  • Ease of use – Has more readable digits, backlight that’s appropriate even for darker environment complete with Keylock.
  • Made with environment-resistant materials – Can be used outdoors either in cycling or hiking activities as the device is heat and water resistant.
  • Product warranty – Aside from banking on its good name on heart rate monitors, the Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor and Stop Watch comes with a two year warranty.

The Bad:

  • Synchronization – Even though it has been highly regarded for its ease of use, synchronizations between the heart rate monitor and stop watch is usually time-consuming especially for first time users.
  • Recording of sessions – Inconvenience of recording your laps and distances because once the stop watch is set, all the previous entries might get lost limiting time records up to one routine.

Currently priced under $100 per piece, this inexpensive unisex heart rate monitor has been a long-time gadget of choice both for runners and people who love the outdoors. Made from lightweight materials, shipping is deemed at 5.6 ounces and is currently available in the United States. The Polar RS100 HRM can be used either outdoors or in fitness centers as most gyms are already Polar-ready, making it easier for the user to program the time and energy spent on a certain routine.

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