Casepax TR8206L5 16 inch Trolley Laptop Bag Review

Casepax TR-8206L-5 16 inch Trolley Laptop Bag

Casepax TR8206L5 16 inch Trolley Laptop Bag Review

Casepax is a leading exporter of backpack, CD marker pen, trolley bag, and notebook bag. They have variety of designs and innovative product line under its credit. Casepax TR-8206L-5 16 inch Trolley laptop bag made with more spacious compartment and really meant for carrying all types of associated items of notebook. Though it looks like a big trolley travel bag it is well built with light weight design and has smooth and strong wheels, which enables you to easily drag the bag on the floor for a long walk without any problem.

This trolley laptop bag has comparable high end features and designed in such a way that it provides greater control during your long trip. It gives freedom to carry all the accessories and peripherals such as external hard disc, pen drives, external mouse, business organizer, BlackBerry, keys and even some books and magazines. You can safely keep the 16 inch laptop in the main compartment along with important documents and papers.

Casepax TR-8206L-5 16 inch Trolley Laptop Bag

Inner Compartments:

The front compartment is also equally designed similar to main compartment for  keeping all the peripherals and laptop related accessories. Both these compartment has good space management system with inner small pockets, wide pouch, pen holder and card holder. This Casepax TR-8206L-5 16 inch laptop bag is completely made with co skin leather material and nicely finished to give sophisticated look for business person. It is available in black colour that gives rich look and comes with detachable shoulder strap. But you cannot use the shoulder strap for longer time and you might feel the irritation on your shoulder if you carry heavy loads. This leather laptop bag is a complete travel system with height adjustable handle and has extendable arm facility, which suits taller person. When compared to other model this trolley laptop bag seems to be small in its range.

Well Built Compartments:

Casepax Co Skin 16 inch Trolley laptop bag is an affordable product range with cushioned and well padded main compartment and front compartment. Apart from large main compartment and front compartment there is also a small back and front pouch with cover flap. All the compartments are built with zipper and made with Velcro fastener for greater security for keeping your important documents and costly laptop. The main laptop compartment is padded with soft foam material that firmly holds the 16 inch laptop and protects it from accidental bumps and twist while gliding on the floor. You cannot keep anything in the main compartment apart from laptop that is why Casepax has provided separate front and back pocket pouch to keep accessories and peripherals.

You can use the front pocket pouch for keeping frequently used document and keys for easy access. Additional the cover flap would give full safety and does not allow the item fall from the pocket pouch. When you open this trolley bag you could find document pouch, small pockets, pen holder and card holder on the open flap. But this is missing in main laptop compartment may be Casepax created this 16 inch trolley laptop bag with fully dedicated laptop space. Casepax trolley laptop bag has soft padded carry handle in case you would not use the shoulder strap. It is also made with long height adjustable pulling handle.

Casepax TR-8206L-5 16 inch Trolley Laptop – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Casepax
Model Name TR-8206L-5 16 inch Trolley Laptop Bag
Type of Bag Trolley
Internal size 395 L x 305 H x 55 W mm
External size 410 L x 360 H x 180 W mm
Material Leather
Colour Black
Anti shock protection Yes
Padding Yes
Strap type Normal
Handle Yes
Card holder Yes
Removable pouch for adaptor and cables No
Weight 2.5 kg
Features 16 inch screen size space, outer pocket pouch with flap,
back pocket pouch, main compartment, Velcro Fastener zipper
Inner storage pockets Yes
Outer storage pockets Yes
Inner compartments Yes
Outer compartments Yes
Partition No
Inner lining No
Gents or ladies Laptop bag Gents
Wheels Yes
Business organiser Yes
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